Benefits Of Donations For Organ Donation

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Recently, over 90,000 American men, women, and children are waiting for new kidneys. However, only about 16,500 kidneys were donated for transplant operations to be performed. These show that quite simple high demand and low supplies. According to the Professor Mcnaught’s lecture, the cost of a kidney transplant runs about $250,000 and its bill goes up to $70,000 annually. Dialysis is even becoming more expensive and price-inelastic. To solve this high demand and low supplies situation that causes people die while they are waiting for organ donators, we have to find a way to increase the supply of organs that could reduce waiting times and deaths. The most effective way will be to provide compensation for organ donators; in other words, we need to establish a market for organs. The first successful kidney transplant was done in Boston in 1954. Since then, the techniques were developed for immune system to prevent the rejection of transplanted organs. Although the number of organ transplants has grown rapidly, it did not grow as much as the number of people with defective organs who need transplant. Furthermore, it is illegal to pay for organ transplant. Many people who are waiting for kidneys are on dialysis, and their life expectancy is not much expected. For example, people age 45 to 49 live about eight additional years when they remain on dialysis. However, they can live an additional twenty-three years if they can get a kidney from someone else. As a result, about 4,500 people died while waiting for their kidney donators in 2012. Many of them died because people could not replace their kidneys quickly enough. In this regard we must establish market for organs. Organ market would save lives. A healthy person can live with on... ... middle of paper ... ... the situation, there is no replace other than sale of kidneys. At least, there will not be any people who are dying because of waiting times. Moreover, the current three to four year waiting time will be reduced. Most importantly, 4,500 people will be saved every year. Selling organs is certainly safe and cheap compared to saving lives every year. This is so obvious that the result of sale of kidney will affect our society and our economics in positive ways. About five thousand people will be saved, the shortage of organs and excessive demand of organs will be reduced enormously, and eventually altruistic donations will be reduced either. Concerning moral issues is subjective matter. The first issue we must concern is saving lives. Although the cost of transplants will increase hugely, at least, we can prevent many deaths from waiting donators.

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