Benefits Of Digital Marketing

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About This Guide
How This Guide Helps You
The guide helps you to:
1. Understand what digital marketing is
2. Review and correct common confining beliefs about digital marketing
3. Appreciate what digital marketing entails and check where you are with your digital marketing
4. Decide how significant digital marketing is for your organization
5. Understand and appreciate the business benefits of digital marketing for your organization
Why You Need To Understand Digital Marketing?
You require good understanding of digital marketing to make the most of it in helping your organization:
1. Increase revenues
2. Cut cost
3. Gain competitive advantage
Failure of understanding digital marketing leaves room for your competition to win online due to its
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Value that meet, builds and develop profitable relationships with customers.
Banks, for example, use many of the tools mentioned to meet their customers’ different preferences.
Many customers will use the web for their transactions. Others will prefer visiting their local street branch for such.
Digital marketing is most effective when it is part of a multichannel marketing strategy. Multichannel marketing refers to marketing through multiple channels to make it easy for consumers to buy in whatever way is most appropriate.
Online channels should support the whole buying process, from pre-sale to post-sale and further development of customer relationships.
The customer should be at the center of digital marketing. Digital marketing should be based on the knowledge of customers’ requirements.
Such knowledge is developed through research to identify and expect customers’ requirements and then delivering value that match their individual
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And identify what your customers require.
Your customers’ comments, complaints, inquiries and request reveal insights into what they require.
Anticipate (Expect) Your Customer Requirements
Engaging your customers’ online plus data you got about them can help you to expect their requirements.
Satisfy Your Customers’ Requirements
Digital technologies ensure you provide prompt responses, instantaneous or on-time deliveries and ordering status updates. These enhance customer satisfaction.
Online tools provide you with opportunities for dialogue with your customers. This dialogue lets you create deeper customer involvement. This enhances their satisfaction and helps you build more profitable relationships with them.
Digital marketing provides you with opportunities to automate part of the customer satisfaction and relationship building process.
Automation could help you deliver an exciting brand experience further enhancing your customers’ satisfaction.
Online retailers use collaborative filtering to find and expect what customers might like based on their browsing and buying
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