Benefits Of Dietary Supplements

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Everyone needs a source of vitamin intake and a majority gets it throughout the foods they eat. Although, some people believe that getting extra vitamins through supplements are beneficial. My mom always pushed on me to take my vitamins when I was younger and until this day I still do. I would take vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D and a Multivitamin. I have not noticed any problems with taking these vitamins, but I do believe my intake is a huge overdose. My doctor even knows the vitamins I take. Though, I have always wondered if they were actually beneficial to my life.
A dietary supplement is a pill that has nutrients that is not been taken in through food or drink intake. There are many different types of vitamin supplements. There is a multi-vitamin which is a pill containing more than one vitamin. Also, there are amino acids which there are twenty different kinds those human need to function correctly. Antioxidants are another vitamin which is vitamins A, C and E that protects a human from damage by oxidation from free radicals. There are many more forms of nutrients and ways of getting nutrients to help the body function. There is also one-a day-pills that. According to, cover 15 different formulations for teenagers all the way up to seniors. The question is in the long run is it beneficial to take these supplements.
First, there are many negatives to taking the vitamin supplements. According to Roberta Anding, a registered dietian that talked to, “They can plug nutrition gaps in your diet, but it is short-sighted to think your vitamin or mineral is the ticket to good health -- the big power is on the plate, not in a pill.” Many doctors or dietians feel that a person should get their in...

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...y products. This means I need to include way more dairy products into my diet, so that I can decrease my vitamin supplement intake. The fact that my doctor did not mention anything about vitamins to me kind of makes me wonder. I know that doctors are controversial of the topic, because some believe vitamins are good and some believe they are bad. I wonder if they have done enough research on them to even find the significance of these vitamins. I feel that there are so many of them that they cannot all be heavily known and investigated. I feel that there needs to be plenty more research done on this topic by professionals. The stuff I found was on almost every site and had the same information, the little that there was, that is. If I can, I would like to get away from taking any vitamins at all and going strictly to getting all of my nutrients from food and drinks.

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