Benefits Of Daylight Saving Time

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Daylight Saving Time Just like all of Earth’s green, society too has found a simple way to use the sun to its fullest potential. Daylight Saving Time is a function that has allowed us to enjoy longer summer days simply by moving our clocks an hour ahead in the spring. This method had became something to consider since Ben Franklin idealized it. Of course it's not the same for everyone, depending on where you are may change when Daylight Saving Time occurs. Although some may say Daylight Saving Time is pointless, it is vital that DST has its benefits. Many opinions come along with Daylight Saving Time due to the possible consequences that result of it. DST is said to increase 3 times the risk of car accidents towards pedestrians (Douma). According to Michael Douma, “Recent research indicates that pedestrian fatalities from cars soar at 6:00pm during the weeks after clocks are set back in the fall.” However the early daylight in the winter helps the younger pedestrians like children and teens see their way to school in the mornings safely. DST is also to be said to bring health pro...
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