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In order to provide knowledge on how communism was unable to provide the benefits promised you must first know what communism is. Communism is “an ideology that seeks to create human equality by eliminating private property & market forces” (Karl Marx). So abolishing the personal ability to act freely will create fairness between one another. Freedom is “an individual’s ability to act independently without fear of restriction or punishment by the state or other individuals or groups in society” (O’Neil). The rights given to you in the U.S. constitution are an example of this. Equality is “material standard of living shared by individuals within a community, society, or country” (O’Neil). Gender rights and ethnic rights are examples of this. The link between equality and freedom is “tightly interconnected, and shapes politics, power and debates over justice” (O’Neil). O’Neil also states that the biggest question relating to the connection of freedom and equality is “must one come at the expense of the other?” In simpler terms you may also ask, does the more freedom given to the people directly the level of equality there is, and vice versa. The way communism creates equality by “eliminating private property and market forces” is, when the people can no longer compete through these freedoms, there are no more advantages creating separation between one another. So everyone is on the same economic level. There are many reasons why promised benefits of communism were not provided. I believe a combination of “Flaws in the line of thinking’ and ‘Misapplication of principles by those in power’” (Hoard). These both had parts in why the theory of communism did not flourish. The blame for the ‘flaws in the line of thinking’ would primarily ... ... middle of paper ... ...eep tabs or an eye on the people, to prevent rebellion. Without proletariat takeovers true communism to the likes of Marx never happened in Russia or in China or in any country for that matter. Ultimately, you cannot blame either or in this situation. The combination of flaws and loopholes in Marx’s theory, such as there not being a blueprint and him seeing only the good in people, with the misapplication of principles, such as undeveloped capitalistic or non-capitalistic countries decide to implement communism and the making of the vanguards as a whole, is to blame. Using all the information stated above you can finally see the main reason of no benefits is the communistic countries we have today, cannot be defined as true communistic countries that Marx had envisioned in his theory. But the reason they cannot be defined is because of the flaws and misapplications.

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