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Cohabitation and Marriage Success Over the past generations cohabitation has increased significantly. Cohabitation is when unmarried couples that are intimate with each other live together outside of marriage. What once used to be unconditionally wrong is now being practiced by intimate couples all over the globe. Although many cultures and religions disapprove of cohabitation, it has become a practiced arrangement for the modern generation of couples. There are many reasons why couples try cohabiting before marriage, one of which being to find out if they can live together happily before the binding commitment of a marriage. NBC News claims that 48% of women have lived with a partner before a wedding, with 40% actually getting married within …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that cohabitation is when unmarried couples that are intimate with each other live together outside of marriage.
  • Explains that nbc news claims that 48% of women have lived with a partner before marriage, with 40% getting married within 3 years of deciding to cohabit.
  • Explains the benefits of cohabitation, including companionship, financial stability, and less pressure established on the relationship.
  • Explains that cohabitation can be viewed as a "try out" before marriage, but sometimes things don't work out. poor money management leads to difficulty paying bills, buying houses, financing cars, and poor credit scores.
  • Explains that premarital cohabitation can put couples at a disadvantage for early divorce.
  • Explains how different religions approach cohabitation and premarital sex. the roman catholic church considers it a sin, while protestant denominations encourage the couple to marry.
  • Opines that cohabitation is more of a "trial" than an step towards marriage. they would like to know pretty much everything about their girlfriend before we get married.
  • Explains that public opinion of cohabitation has changed dramatically over the last generation. trial marriage is a preferred way to determine if the relationship is ready for the real deal.

Living together allows you to embrace the company of your partner after work, during free time, and on the weekends. Learning each partner’s living styles will teach how to problem solve as a couple, and will test each others living compatibilities. An example of testing compatibility would be learning all of your partners’ tendencies and pet peeves prior to the commitment of a marriage (Langham). One person may be social and enjoy staying up late while the other likes quiet nights and early bedtimes. When deciding to move in together, money can be a big factor in the decision. The responsibility of paying the bills can be split, making it financially easier for both partners. Cohabitation can serve as a final step for couples that are not yet ready for marriage, but are ready for their relationship to move to the next level (Jacques & Chason). For example, a relationship of 4 years may be getting dull, but if marriage is not an option for whatever reason, cohabitation can act as another step towards marriage without saying the vows quite …show more content…

If the intention of moving in together is eventually to get married, then cohabitation can be viewed as a “try out” before marriage. Sometimes things don’t work out though. Things that were cute at first become annoying, and feelings of neglect creep in (Langham). Little things add up and turn into big incompatibilities, which can eventually lead to heartbreak. And as money can be a reason to cohabitate, it can also be the reason for a breakup as well. Poor money managing leads to difficulty paying the bills, buying houses, financing cars, and poor credit scores. There is virtually no way to detect whether these setbacks will happen in every relationship, which is part of the reason that so many couples of the modern generation are trying cohabitation prior to marriage. People want to know if it is going to work out, before they make the

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