Benefits Of Coed Schools

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Benefits of Co-ed Schools The topic of effectiveness between single-sex schools and co-ed schools has been an on- going debate throughout the years. Single-sex schools are schools divided by gender rather than being mixed. They are growing more popular as learning is easier without the distraction of the opposite gender which may also result to higher grades and standardized test scores. But there are also negative effects to this style of learning. For one, single gender classes can increase gender stereotype and segregation, along with decreasing student diversity. By dividing genders, it may prove to be difficult to adjust to co-ed work atmospheres in the future. Co-ed schools, on the other hand, are also popular choices between parents…show more content…
This concer causes the theory that there would be more focus in single gender schools because with the same gender, students can focus more in class in comparison to worrying about romantic relationships. While this may sound like a logical argument, one should keep in mind that it is beneficial for students to develop their social skills which should not limited to interaction with one single gender. According to Lise Eliote, an associate professor of neuroscience at the Chicago Medical School, “While children of both sexes play together as toddlers, by the end of kindergarten, they spend only 9 percent of their playtime with children of the other sex…‘Separation is a fact of human childhood and is equally common among young monkeys and apes”’ (Yates). It is important to teach students to interact with a diverse group of people in order to adjust them for the real world, such as, college and work forces. Co-ed schools include a broad diversity of people which accustom students to interact not only with people who are similar to them, but also work together with people who are different as well. Even though single sex schools allows girls or boys to feel like a family, this style of education will not benefit students’ social factors towards the opposite gender. As a result, the seclusion may injure students’ skills to work together…show more content…
With the ongoing issue for women’s rights, it is important to teach the younger generations to accept the differences in gender and to treat everyone as equals. Although people gravitate towards single gender schools because of it allows students to connect easier as a family, the segregation of genders may cause a rift between gender equality. A study by Liben, a university psychologist, and her graduate student Lacey Hilliard, found that highlighting gender promotes stereotyped views in children as young as 3 (Novotney). By teaching children to close the gender gap at an early age, it can decrease gender inequality. Also, reports claim that female students in single gender schools are less likely to consider science or computer based classes, also known as,“boys classes” (Yates). Co-ed schools on the other hand, allow boys and girls to interact together meaningfully and learn to gravitate away from the common image of gender roles. A 1998 study shows that, “[g]irls at the coeducational schools tended to take more science courses and do better in the college admission process. Statistical analysis from her study shows that graduates of coeducational schools were more likely than graduates of all-girls ' schools to have careers in law, computers, scientific research, and psychology” (“Coeducation at WT”). Not only do co-ed schools teach gender equality, but they also allow females to
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