Benefits Of Citrus Fruit

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Citrus is important horticulture plant in theworld, member of family Rutaceae refers to all edible and rootstock species and a few closely related genera. India in the world is fifth largest nations to produce citrus fruit. (FAOUN- 2007).Citrus isnative to India and is used as a rootstock to commercially important citrus cultivars of Citrus reticulata and Citrus sinensis (Singh et al. 1978). Citrus fruits are grown throughout the world and are known for their fine flavor and quality.Citrus is the number one fruit of the world due to its high nutritional value, considerable production of fruit, fruit products and the citrus industry is considered to be major fruit industry.Citrus varieties are propagated by both sexual and asexual methods. Generally, citrus varieties are propagated sexually through seeds, while most of the commercial varieties are propagated by various asexual methods (ChaudharyM.I.1994).As many commercial crops, citrus is also subjected to various biotic stresses, where virus and viroid’s have been recognised as serious problem limiting the vigour,yield and quality. Severe infections have resulted in the exclusion of some cultivars fromcommercialusage. (Santos et al., 1984) reported that viral diseases aremajor threats
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In order to produce citrus trees with high productivity increased resistance to drought, pests and fungal diseases it has become an urgent necessity to shift to a rootstock. Traditional genetic plant improvement offers limitation for the production of new varieties of scion and rootstocks, and the new varieties produced so far were originated form natural selection and mutation. The first barrier met by researcher was related to the complex citrus biology, which has high nucellar polyembryony, high heterozygosis, auto incompatibility and a long juvenile period (Gmitter et al,
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