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Inhabits of the coast of australia,new zeland, and tasmania and is very rare animal

What Is a Blobfish?
The blobfish is a very rare and interesting-looking fish that lives on the bottom of the ocean. It has very little muscle and a soft skeletal structure that helps it live under the pressure of the ocean water. The blobfish is part of the Psychrolutidae family, which comes from the Greek word meaning 'to have a cold bath. ' This is fitting for the blobfish, because it lives deep in the ocean where it 's far from the sun 's warmth.
The blobfish got its name because,it looks like a blob made of a jelly-like substance when it 's not in the water.
Where Do Blobfish Live?
Blobfish live in the oceans off the coasts of Australia, New Zealand,
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These fish are endangered, which means they 're close to extinction. ...
Blobfish grow to be between 10 and 12 inches in the span of a lifetime.

This organism is usually a pinkish color, looking like a big blobish animal. A Blobfish is usually very fat, bloated and usually ugly. It 's eyes are strange looking, his pupils are black and they bulge out of its face. The lips are large and highly pink. Its nose droops down over its mouth. The Blobfish is under 30 centimeters big. This animal was also crowned the World 's Ugliest
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The Blobfish 's diet is a quite small one. Blobfish mostly eat little tiny mollusks. Mollusks look like tiny little snails in the ocean. They also eat sea urchins too, a lot. Sea urchins look like spiky little balls, but believe it or not, they have legs and eyes! Five legs to be exact! The reason why the Blobfish 's diet is so small, is because it lives in a deep part in the ocean. The Blobfish are not known to die of starvation, so they must eat a lot of food. The little creatures have very little food in the deep parts of the ocean.You would never guess where a Blobfish lives. Blobfish are usually found in deepish waters of Australia! These little blobs are hard to find in these waters. They are in the open ocean. There is quite a little amount of food for the Blobfish to survive. Blobfish are 90% water! For the cause of their laziness and stillness, Blobfish are usually caught in nets by fishermen. Some unintelligent fishermen eat them. Then others set them back in tYou would guess that the Blobfish would be in the Sunlight Zone by being caught in nets, but the animal lives in the Twilight Zone! This is also called Mesopelagic zone, which is about 600-1,200 meters down in the water. It 's very dark in the twilight zone. There is little food in the twilight zone. This means it is the survival of the fittest. Most of the Blobfish get stuck in the netshe water safly. According to blobfish facts, no one has ever actually

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