Benefits Of Being A Vegan

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Being a vegan is a difficult process to begin with, but there are different reasons while individuals start the process. Reasons such as to have a healthier looking image, religion, and to save animals. Veganism can be started by young or old, weak or strong. Vegans completely eliminate all animal-produced products from their daily diet and initially their clothing also. Vegans do not eat, meat, diary products, mayonnaise, honey, or gelatin (Hackett, 2015). This diet obviously takes more attention and some help from other supplements. Veganism is often touted as a healthy diet, but can turn into a nutritionally poor diet. Many vegans start out as a vegetarian because it is the first initiation to forming into a vegan (Hackett, 2015). The difference between the two is that vegetarians eat products such as eggs, and fish, and still eat dairy products. Nutritionists that are apart of the U.S Department of agriculture developed a food pyramid to guide Americans to a healthy lifestyle (Citation). The pyramid was made to keep the body healthy and to avoid certain diseases such as: type two diabetes, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, obesity, and cancer. (Braverman, 2014). On the food pyramid there are six different groups of food to eat to get all of your nutrients. The six different food groups are Grains, Fruits, Vegetables, Meat, Dairy, and at the top is fats. Humans are to have a certain amount of serving from each food group. Grains require 6-11; Fruit 2-4, Vegetables 3-5, meat/dairy 2-3 and fats are to be eaten sparingly. In the food groups labeled meats and dairy give the body’s system protein, zinc, calcium, and iron to help it function (Citation). The body relies on these certain nutrients to run the body (Braverma... ... middle of paper ... ...minerals needed if portraying a vegan diet. The craving wouldn’t stop Alex finally gave into the craving and experimented with trying eggs. Just to prove to her that it wasn’t what her body craved. After eating the meat she realized her cravings was her body saying what it needs. This experience opened up her eyes that humans need animals to help them survive. That it is not morally wrong, but something the body needs to thrive on (Jamieson, 2013). Veganism is an interesting process on the way it works. Being on this kind of diet takes a lot of attention. The diet looses many nutrients required to run a humans system, but yet the world has a high percentage of obesity. There is evidence for both sides and there are personal stories for both. Having a healthy world and healthier diet provokes a better life style, but yet loosing nutrients could cause more problems.

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