Benefits Of Becoming A Police Officer

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Police Commission Why would you want to become a police officer? Many people join the force because they want to serve and protect their state from criminals and dangers. Some people join because you don’t usually need a high end education to join. Of course some people join because they want to abuse their power. Becoming a police officer requires a long training period that covers most, if not all aspects of becoming a police officer. This all happens at a Police Academy. In order to join the Police Academy, an individual must be no younger than twenty-one, and no older than forty. He or she must also have at least a high school diploma or better. The Police Academy exists to recruit and test people abilities and allow them to prove that they are worthy of becoming an officer of the law. The Academy covers things from Laws, to driving, to gun handling. These tests are very strict as most people do not want idiots or unfit police officers protecting us or abusing their power. Knowing how to handle certain situations and how to use equipment and weapons properly is a major part of passing the police academy. If the Academy just gave everyone one that came in a gun and no instructions, there may be a lot more injuries and death from misuse or even abuse of weapons. ‘ Learning laws, amendments, and rights is crucial for success in the police world. If an officer pulls someone over but doesn’t know what laws the person broke, he cannot ticket or arrest that person unless the laws broken were clearly stated. A police officer must know how to read and write proficiently and effectively and must have the ability to cope and obey officials and other officers. An officer must also be able to learn from experience to become a better ... ... middle of paper ... ...’s day. One top of the regular police, the is another type of force called the S.W.A.T Team. They do far more dangerous and advanced types of jobs that regular police are not trained for. The S.W.A.T Team specializes in the use of military style, light weapons and deals with heavily armed criminals. The can deal with Hostage rescue, anti-terrorism, armored or barricaded building infiltration, and high risk arrests. The training needed to become part of this highly skilled set of officers far exceeds normal police education. These semi-soldiers need to learn how to handle not only handguns, but fully automatic machine guns and multiple types of grenades as well. This branch is not for the faint of heart. Sheriffs are a type of officer that is elected at a county level. They take care of law enforcement within their county. They can perform search and rescue missions

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