Benefits Of Becoming A Dentist

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Growing up, we dream to be astronaut’s, or doctors and lawyers. As time goes by we change what we want to do so many times. Getting stuck at times on making a choice. By the time we are juniors and seniors in high school getting ready for college we have a lot of pressure on us to make a decision. It took me slightly longer then others to fully commit on what I wanted to do as my career but I ultimately decided to become a dentist. Dentist, like many other medical professionals go threw extensive training and test to become certified in the field. Let’s look at what it takes to become a general dentist, what they do, and how to be successful. Dentistry is the study of the study of the teeth, gums, mouth, and surrounding areas like the jaw…show more content…
Many schools have only 70-150 slots available for each school year and usually have thousands of applicants apply. Keeping a GPA of at least a 3.5 is very important, even a 3.3 is cutting it close. Attending a community college is an easy way out. Many schools want the candidate to go to a university because they are viewed as proper preparation for dental school. Get good professional references and job shadow someone in the field to get a taste of it before starting school. Doing research is not needed to get accepted but it looks good on the application and volunteering also looks…show more content…
I interviewed Dr. David Franks. He works at White-Brown Smiles and has been there for 9 months. He’s been an orthodontist for 2 years. When I asked what the best part of the job was, Dr. Franks said, “The Patients! I also enjoy getting to see my work progress each month.” Dr. Franks chose dentistry because his father was a dentist and he likes teeth. Dr. Franks said, “to be successful in the field you have to do hard work and enjoy interacting with people each day. Hard working, good with people, ability to remain calm. Must be able to work with a large group,” are a few things employees look

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