Benefits Of Aquaculture

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Aquaculture is a growing business and is increasing rapidly as populations rise and the need for food is increased. Aquaculture is the controlled cultivation and harvest of aquatic plants and animals. Aquaculture is beneficial to the world but Aquaculture in different parts of the world has affected the environment also. There are several different types of aquaculture such as Marine Aquaculture and Freshwater Aquaculture. Aquaculture consists of many different people with different professions ranging from high school diplomas to high levels of education such as 4 year degrees. Aquaculture has been around for centuries used in different cultures with different techniques. Aquaculture plays a very important part in today 's society
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Aquaculture provides food and nutrients to millions of people allover the world. Fish provides key nutrients and proteins and it benefits people of all classes. Fish is full of nutrients that the human body needs. Fish is distributed to people less fortunate and by providing these nutrients to people it can fight hunger for thousands of people all over the world. In the United States, 80% of our fish is imported and around 50% of those fish came from fish farms. Aquaculture plays a big role on the environment also. Many species of fish are severely over fished by commercial businesses and they soon cannot meet the food demand for the world market. Aquaculture provides a stable supply of fish and shellfish for the world market and it also takes the stress of overfished populations. Aquaculture can benefit recreational fish such as bass and other very important ecological species and habitats. With the expansion of Aquaculture, it provides thousand of jobs for jobless…show more content…
Fish health technicians raise fish for the selling for food and recreational purposes. They study fish and shellfish to determine which is the best way to raise them. Some technicians produce animals that can be sold to zoos, aquariums and pet stores. Marine Biologists are also needed in Aquaculture. They study organisms ibn the ocean or other marines areas such as brachish water.An Aquacultue farmer fams aquatic organismd. He raises fish in controlled populations and keeps them healthy. A Marine engineer designs, develops and inspects propulsion systems. they check boats to make sure the motor, pumps or other technical equipment functions properly. A fishery officer is responsible for the consecration and protection of fisheries. He carries out surveys of aquatic life, investigates fish mortalities and studies ater quality. All these people play an important role in aquaculture and together they create food for millions of
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