Benefits Of An Internship

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It cannot be denied that participating in an internship brings many benefits for students. It not only helps students have experience when applying for jobs, but also has numerous other benefits. An internship period lasting 2 months at Viet Uy Tin Translation Company also gives me such valuable experience and lessons.
The first lesson I learned is about confidence and initiative. Initiative is the biggest lesson and also the first lesson that most students learned when taking part in an internship. As we know, at the company, everyone has their own work and they always have no time to care, supervise and guide the trainees. Therefore, the initiative of the students will help them grasp opportunities and learn a lot from reality. When beginning
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The majority of students entering college has only a vague notion of the career path they are pursuing. As a result, a lot of them ended up learning process with an irrelevant career goal. Working for an organization in the favorite field is the leading opportunity gives me the perspective of insiders. Although I am still unsure that I have a correct view of the sector due to immaturity, at least, I also took part in work related to my field of study and contacted to the predecessors having more experience.
Finally, the internship brings me the confidence to find a job. In fact, when having a job you have ever done, you always feel more confident even subjective. The confidence built from experience will help you dare undertake and perform the job. It is one of the benefits of participating in a two-month internship. In addition, the gained experience during the internship will help my CV / Resume stronger and increase your confidence in front of employers as well as raise employment opportunities.
In conclusion, a two-month internship at Viet Uy Tin Translation Company helps me have a lot of valuable experience and knowledge. It can be a great way to accumulate experience before you officially land a job after graduation. Because of its benefits, we can understand the importance of internships for

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