Benefits Of A Universal Healthcare System

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1-What are the direct benefits of this type of healthcare system? Are there any positive externalities? There are many countries that provide universal health care i have chosen Malaysia as an example country to write my paper. There are many benefit of having universal healthcare system some of the benefits are it can saves lives of many people, and health care can be easily affordable for everyone There are many lives that can be saved if people have health care. There was article published by the American Journal of public health that mentioned that there are about 45,000 deaths annually due to lack of health insurance(Cecere, D). There was another study that had conducted and found that there are about 13,000 death each year in 55-64…show more content…
There can be some unintended consequence of having national health care system some of them are it can increase the taxes, it can create a doctor shortage, and it can also lower the quality and availability of disease screening and treatment In most of the countries where they have national health care system there taxes are higher than that of countries that do not have national health care system. For instance take example of European countries the cost of national health care is paid by the higher taxes. Their payroll taxes are around 37% which is much higher than that of Unites states that is around 15.3% (Roderick Gregory, P). If countries that do not have national health care system try to make it mandatory than the payroll tax of that country could become higher. There can be doctor shortage if the national health care system become mandatory. There was a research conducted by The Association of American Medical College and they find out that there will be shortage of around 63,000 doctors by 2015 due to making Obama care mandatory (Gordon, E). In the developed countries like United Kingdom where they have national health care system there is shortage of doctors and nurses in 2013 there was only 2.71 doctor practicing for every 100 patients (Gordon, E). Having few doctors can result in bad quality of health

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