Benefit of Using Filsm for Educational Purposes

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The use of films as educational teachings tools has increased in the last few years. This increase is not only being seen in the school system but also by the number of Hollywood movies being produced with historical content. Movies are being used to teach students and the general public about various historical events and although they serve as important learning tools, they should not be used exclusively. The various benefits and consequences of relying on this form of education will be reviewed and analyzed, as well as how these aspects relate to the film Argo (2012) and things to remember when viewing a major motion picture. One of the advantages of using Hollywood films as teaching tools is they are made for general audiences and appeal to the masses. The benefit of this is more people become aware of certain events they may not have been otherwise exposed too. An example of this can be seen when the 2012 blockbuster Ergo was released. For many people this was the first time they heard of the Iranian Hostage Crisis of 1979. Although the historical context of the film received a great deal of criticism for its historical inaccuracies, it served as a learning tool for the many people who had not heard of the events. Another benefit of Hollywood producing films with historical content is the film provides the viewer with images, which help make the event more relatable. For instance in the film Argo (2012) the images displayed during the ending credits show still shots from the film and actual pictures from the event. The images are almost identical, which leads viewers to believe what they are watching is historically accurate. As most Hollywood films are produced on large budgets, aspects of the film become so realistic it ... ... middle of paper ... ... are watching and remember it is being filtered to entertain and make money. Unfortunately this is not the reality we live in and the consequence of such actions is having an effect on certain historical truths. However not only is the accuracy of events being lost through the general publics laziness, but also because it reshapes the memories of veterans who come to remember the visual images of movies rather then the actual event. The accuracy of films when telling the history of an event is often times diminished in favor of telling a story which will entertain. The use of films as pedagogical tools has many benefits, however viewers must be aware additional research is needed to gain a full understanding of the event. Films should not be the only resource in gaining knowledge about an event and should only be used when supplemented with other primary sources.
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