Benefit Of Social Media

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The 21st century has brought about an abundance of technological advancements spanning all types of business. From biomedical advancements to new forms of energy and transportation, we are living in a changing world. One of the biggest changes in our current society includes the reliance and growing use of technology, specifically social media. Social media has exploded in recent years and continually gains popularity. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have millions of avid users, and that number grows every day. It has brought millions of people together from around the world, but has also transformed the way business works. Social media has transformed the way companies market their products, as well as attributed to the new concept…show more content…
Using searches from the internet, sites like Facebook are being paid to be a virtual billboard. Businesses are then able to see what a user is looking at and tailor their ads to specific people. For instance, if a user looks up black shoes on Google, an ad may pop up on their Facebook with pictures and prices of black shoes from sites like Zappos. They could also offer coupons so users are more enticed to buy the product. As constantly discussed in class lectures, data mining and social media offer a way for a business to understand the shopping tendencies and interests of a user and cater towards their interests. Social media also offers more simple benefits for business. Products can be easily reviewed and passed along through a simple message or post. This allows a business to gain a following amongst large groups of people in a simple and easy way, and have their company get recognized. Moreover, sites like LinkedIn also help businesses to attract potential employees. By creating a profile and uploading a resume, you can connect with thousands of professionals that can be your next new employee and business leader. Social media has immense benefits for businesses. It offers a new form of marketing, a way to increase brand loyalty and recognition, offers research for companies through data mining, and can connect businesses with future…show more content…
For one, employees need to constantly be responsible since trouble is just a click away. One wrong move and a picture can be uploaded on social media and explode. One instance where this happened was at the fast food restaurant Taco Bell. A tweet sent by a user showed a picture of a Taco Bell employee with their hands in an unsanitary place on their body during a shift, right before he was about to handle a customer’s food. With thousands of retweets and reactions to this picture, the public sees the irresponsibility of employees and may be less inclined to be a customer of a business after seeing a picture like the one previously described. Before social media, the reaction would not reach as quickly and as globally as it did, and it most likely would not have been as much of a problem as it was. Another example of the use of social media to harm a business was during Gabe’s News Report Presentation on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. His presentation discussed how passengers aboard snapped pictures of the situation and uploaded them to social media. This allowed millions of people to see the conditions and events that were occurring and grow outraged at Royal Caribbean for allowing such events to happen. Although social media can be used to positively review a product, it can be used to negatively review one as well, as shown through these two
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