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The Benefits of Recycling in a Business Environment Introduction Recycling is the conversion of waste into reusable materials. Recycling does a number of services such as, prevents waste from building up in landfills, reduces air pollution, conserves natural resources such as timber, water and other minerals, decreases energy usage, lowers costs of disposal systems, saves space, shows compassion and helps to sustain an environment for future generations, (2014). Recycling is simple, by taking used items such as glass, plastic or paper and putting the products in a proper recycling bin the object will be taken by the recycling company such as Shoreline Waste in Ludington Michigan. The articles will then be taken to a recovery facility and are…show more content…
Twice a year the company shuts down all production. All of the employees get together to gather all of the trash around the company, (W. Maddix personal communication, December 6, 2014). They recycle what they gather to promote the importance of a clean Earth and see this as an encouragement to take the extra step to throw an item in the recycling can instead of the trash can. A similar situation happens at Salon 22, on Earth Day the employees promote recycling to customers and to one another by cleaning outside around the salon. They recycle supplies that aren’t needed and litter that is left inside and outside the salon. Noelle Welch says, “It is our responsibility to contribute to the recycling effort, it helps the community and also impacts the world,” (N. Welch, personal communication, December 4, 2014). Conclusion Recycling in businesses is as important as recycling in the home. Not only can it actually save the business money, bring customers in, keep track of items, and cut down on unnecessary spending, but it helps the environment stabilize and thrive. To keep on the right track businesses need to either start recycling or continue to recycle. About 75% of waste is recyclable but only about 30% actually is recycled, (2014). Recycling has many benefits for businesses, customers, and the Earth, it should be a top priority for any company, no matter how large or

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