Benefit Of Going To College

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Whether it’s independence from family, new experiences, or even an education, college provides enough incentive for millions of students to leave home and attend. Going to college immediately after high school is quickly becoming an expectation for many as it’s widely viewed as the door to promising job opportunities. Having a degree is becoming a prerequisite for making a living as the wage gap between those with and without degrees has increased. The benefits and reasons to go to college are seemingly endless. Besides the prospect of acquiring a degree, college offers a new environment and new experiences for students to thrive in. Although the environment and experiences college offers in itself are beneficial, the extent of usefulness the school offers depends on the choices and intentions of the student. So what are the benefits that make putting the time and effort into college worth attending? The…show more content…
This mindset turns assignments from an educational experience to a task that only warrants the minimum amount of effort to complete. This mentality focuses on, “how little the student must learn rather than how much the student can learn” (Henderson) which significantly degrades the quality of the education by limiting effort. It’s reasonable for students to limit their time on assignments to make room for others, but it’s the issue of students limiting their efforts as a whole. Viewing the results of an education as more important than the education itself presents it as another task to accomplish when it should be viewed as more of a journey. Education allows for a person to not only learn, but also change and develop as a person. Students who are willing to embrace the education rather than the end goal receive a more thorough education and experience compared to those putting forward the bare minimum
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