Benefit Of Global Outsourcing

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Introduction I was given the task to make an assignment on the subject of International Business. In this assignment, I have to analyse the several thing that related with the global outsourcing. Besides that, the objective of this report is to know the benefit of global outsourcing and reason many company choose to engage in global outsourcing. Before I start making the assignment, I have find the information that related with assignment and understanding the big picture about the question that given from lecturer. Before I explain more about this question, I want to explain the reason companies need to use outsourcing company. This is because nowadays international competition is growing rapidly, and organizations or enterprise must always remain ahead of the competition to ensure their survival. Consequently, the organization must keep pace with dynamic conditions and fast changes, be innovative, and adapt to new systems, techniques and technologies. In a competitive market environment, consumers are becoming more conscious and tend to demand a variety of customized products at a specific pace. This is because in today’s competitive global markets, consumers will look the quality products at the lowest prices. The organization also must keep pace with the dynamic requirements of the market and be receptive to reform. Due to the intense global competition among the producers or company, and the supply chain must be able to respond quickly to the changes. Besides that, companies are facing fierce competition today, which is constraining them to seriously consider new applications that they can use to enhance the quality of product or services and to reduce cost of production. Furthermore, increasing pressure from foreign compet... ... middle of paper ... ...ccess. In general, growing trends in global market shows that businesses are seeking to be more agile to adjust to a more volatile global economy. This can be seen by the increased foreign direct investment in the form of outsourcing. In addition, through global outsourcing the company can reduce overall cost and provide other benefit like 24 hour business operation, oversight and feedback are paramount to a successful outsourcing operation. Therefore it is critical that businesses involved in outsourcing activities maintain control and oversight over their activities and redeploy when necessary. Global outsourcing not only gives beneficial to the companies and outsourcing company, but at the same time it gives benefit to the consumers in that country. Global outsourcing also remains an effective tool for business to focus on their strategic goals by reducing cost.
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