Bending Space and Time

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The bending of time and space is usually reserved for science fiction and the dreams of young kids who enjoy the thoughts and fantasy of being great space captains and saving the galaxy. Now if we imagine both time and space being physical things, thing that could be changed, or bent, to our will, we will get the basis of the idea we are trying to present. Space is already viewed as physical, as space doesn’t necessarily mean the “Final Frontier” but as the area around us and all that it contains, but we don’t have the capability of being able to alter it in any great way, only use it has it was given to us. Time is seen not as a thing at all, but a perception of the world, or space, around us and how it moves and travels, depending on the mood of the people involved, the events that may create major disturbances in ones thoughts and cause them to lose track, or those poor, poor people who are counting every second of the day for whatever reason, and since it’s already such a relative to the individual (Bonsor & Lamb, 2011) and those around it thing, how could we possibly put into thought or physicality the idea of “bending” it?
First let us continue to discuss how space works. Look around you, that is space, even if that space is occupied, it is still there. All philosophies of perfection and reality aside, everything you see and touch occupies space, and the things around it do too. We must now consider the distance between things and touch on the first science fiction type thought included with bending space. Teleportation: the art, magic, science, or cheap magic trick of going from one place, to another place, instantaneously. This has been seen in everything imagined, i.e. Star Trek “Beam me up Scotty”, Harry Potter apparat...

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... these things in a realistic environment doesn’t exist yet, nor does the technology, or the reason to do so. Where are we going to go that requires a wormhole to be opened? We can fly around the world in hours. The moon is useless, and Mars isn’t that far out of our reach.
We now have a better understanding how it works, even if we can’t do it, or if we will ever be able to do it, but wouldn’t it be at least a cool thing? And yes, I know “cool thing” doesn’t scream scientific importance, but I bet when Newton invented physics other people said it was pointless, but he said it would be cool and useful, so he did it and look where we got. Useless as I’ve said it is, there’s still things we could use it for, we could use them for further than normal satellite launches, find a planet that could sustain life, and go there. Overall it’s a really interesting thing.
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