Ben Diary Of A Heroin Addiction Analysis

Ben: Diary Of A Heroin Addict, is a documentary filmed by Ben Rogers, a heroin addict. Ben appeared to come from a very loving family and did not want for anything. He was popular at school, he had a good home, and his family appeared to be very close knit. However, as his friend commented, he seemed not to know how well liked he was and he always had to do something extra. He began using cannabis as a teenager and then moved onto heroin, a drug which is illegal, highly addictive and is processed from morphine, a naturally occurring substance extracted from the seed pod of certain varieties of poppy plants. The documentary did not disclose how old he was when he admitted to his parents that he was using the drug but it must have been…show more content…
Ben’s addiction to heroin had a huge impact on his social life. As a result of his addiction, he didn’t have any real friends. He hung out with other drug users and persons who wouldn’t oppose his habit. His own family, even though they loved him, didn’t want him around on several occasions as a result of his habit. His sister spoke of not wanting to come to family gatherings because she knew there would be a “Ben issue.” Also, the parents stopped having guests over to their house because Ben had caused scenes on several occasions while guests were at the house, and the guest had to leave early. In my opinion, one of the greatest social impacts that Ben suffered was the loss of his girlfriend. Ben at one point became involved with a high school friend who wouldn’t live with him until he was able quit using heroin. Even though his family commented that they thought if anything would have make him quit would have been his girlfriend, even she wasn’t enough to make him quit. Ben lied to her over and over and even stole from her. On several occasions she would call his parents crying because the situation was too overwhelming. After she realised just how dependant and unwilling to quit Ben was, she eventually left him which caused him to sink even deeper into his

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