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Through analysis and exploration of my chosen text, “A Selection of Songs by The Smiths”, as well comparisons linked to Emily Dickinson’s set poems, a vast array of representations of belonging have been discerned. Through an abundance of ideas, and devices used to convey thesis’s, the texts provide variable discourses as to how we can view belonging, exploring the state of belonging, mainly through its paradoxes. Thus the study of The Smith’s songs individually as well as comparatively to Emily Dickinson has contributed significantly to my understanding of belonging.

The concept of alienation is continually reverted to in the Smiths songs, emphasising the importance of this paradox to belonging, in the understanding of belonging itself. The songs continually use the theme of loneliness, desperation and frustration in face of desire to belong. This theme is similarly shared in the selection of Emily Dickinson poems, whereas understanding of belonging is taken from continuous reference to the variances between the persona and a wider society. The general majority of Smith’s songs are underlined with

Echoes of loneliness, in lyrical content, and the resonating quality of vocals by Morrisey. This concludes in a monotonous and haunting effect, emphasising desperation and isolation. Morrisey’s bleak and morbid approach is essential in establishing the human necessity to belong. His use of death as a motif replicates Dickinson’s, and represents the heightened state of emotions, and the struggle between life and death in pertaining a sense of belonging.

The songs establish that belonging, as well as an inner sense of balance, are essential to identity. This thesis is explored through absence of these characteristics in the persona’s ...

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...composer’s previous romanticizing of death as a release is juxtaposed, instead displaying the notion that dying is less significant than simply being with the person. We can also interpret that the persona’s participation in death with the second character in context with previous songs intensify the persona’s connection with the second character, and the experience bounds them in belonging to each other everlastingly. The brilliant melodicism that abounds the lyrics, in the use of dulcet strings to again romanticizes Morrisey’s macabre images of death.

In conclusion the Smiths songs juxtaposition of belonging significantly contribute to our understanding of belong, both separately and comparatively with the Emily Dickinson selected poems. It establishes a concept in the need to belong, and how we achieve this through our connections with others in the world.

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