Belly-Busting Parasites

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Are you one of those adventurous animal- loving people? Well, this might change your feelings quite a bit. Some creatures look adorable and something to take home, but they’re not so adorable after all. We might even want to flee to our homes and get our catching jars, but once you feel that racing pain, you’d never want to play with these “things” again. Many parasites and creatures that roam this earth are not known to man and/or can be deadly. People may think they know all about the deadly creatures and parasites, but I am sure they do not know about Giardia Intestinailis, Taenia Solium, Leishmaniasis, and the Guinea Worm, which indeed enjoy your insides. Just sit back and imagine yourself in these situation and you’ll be astonished. One summer day, its 100 degrees Fahrenheit, you’re dripping in sweat and just want to refresh that heated body of yours, so you decided to go swimming in a local lake or stream. It doesn’t cross your mind that there is a parasite ready to take over your insides. This parasite happens to be the Giardia Instestinalis. All you have to do to become its friend, is to swim in or drink out of this contaminated lake. This is just what you did. Once you get, it finds it finds a good home in either your intestines or stomach. You start to experience weight loss, stomachaches, diarrhea, and bloating. The only way to eliminate this parasite is the use of medication. In addition, there is another parasite waiting to attack you. It’s time to go grocery shopping again, so you and your mom take a trip to the Commissary. As you walk throughout the store you all stop in the meat aisle. Your mom picks up pork for dinner tonight. You cannot wait to get home for Mom’s tasty mouth-watering spicy pork soup, but y... ... middle of paper ... ...eeing them emerge out of your skin and see blisters where the worm has created. In order to get it completely out your body is slowly twisting the worm around a stick and while the worm is coming out, you’ll experience an itchy, burning, sensation. Do you really want to have to go through this situation and pain? It is much more painful than it sounds!! In conclusion, body-loving parasites, Giardia Intestinalis, Taenia Solium, Leishmaiasis, and the Guinea worm can be a horrible painful experience to endure and life-threatening. They are also found in many parts of the world. Now you have the knowledge to take extra precaution to keep yourself safe! Remember these parasites just love to feast on your insides as we do food. Watch out for these little, not so adorable after all parasites or you may not have any insides left!! Works Cited Belly- Busting Parasites (book)

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