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Belly Belly is one of the most controversial films in America. It is one of the most technically polished Hip-hop films to date. Does it have great acting? No, it does not, but DMX as “Boz” has a solid performance while the other actors do a believable job considering they are by nature rappers and not actors. A good action movie? Yes, it builds refreshingly and unexpectedly to a spirit of redemption and responsibility while containing a variety of action sequences for your buck. A movie for the whole family? No, but is a hip-hop teenager’s favorite but is too hard for the younger and older audiences limiting its success. Rap artists do three of the four main acting performances. DMX gives a solid performance as “Boz” portraying young and ignorant kid on the loose killing and dealing what he can. As the movie moves on Boz is gradually transformed into a smart and reasonable young adult. Nas another rapper plays “Sincere” and does a decent job of acting but is not as believable as DMX in portraying his character. Fellow rapper Method Man plays “Ike Love,” and has a hard time acting the part but to his defense the character is a little crazy and unpredictable making the scene hard to act. The only main part not played by a rapper is by Regan Jackson who plays the Rastafarian drug lord “Lenox”, is played especially good. Regan does exceptional job of looking like and sounding like a real life Rastafarian with the right ascents and terminology as used by a Rastafarian. Tara Hicks played “Boz’s” girlfriend “Neisha” and did a good job considering the role she was put on wasn’t directed very nicely. The overall acting of this film is not going to win any Oscar’s but it is solid and gets the job done in a belie... ... middle of paper ... ...into the hip-hop lifestyle of an urban rapper. But contains too much violence and explicit language for a younger audience and is to out of date for the older audiences. This has caused the movie to be limited to certain audiences, not making it a best seller on video or in the box office. But it did gross over $10 million dollars at the box office. Due to the limited audience it touches from the violence, sex and drugs Belly, has become one of America’s most controversial films. It is also one of America’s most technically polished hip-hop films of the day. It offers a special glimpse into the young black ghetto lifestyle of nice cars, fast money and drugs. Were bad is taught and sought out and good is later learned. This movie is visually dazzling, and brutally realistic and is recommended by me as a must see if you can handle the graphic content nature.

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