Bella's Interview

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Bella woke up to the sunlight streaming right onto her face through the open blinds of her balcony doors. With a groan and few curses to the Sun God she rolled over, reaching towards her nightstand to grab her phone and check the time.

“Dammit!” she yelled and quickly scurried out of bed when she saw it was almost ten in the morning.

Bella quickly grabbed her toiletries, knowing she was so screwed. She couldn’t believe she had slept in today, when she was supposed to do laundry in the morning. Renee was going to have her ass for this. She had kept Bella extremely busy for the last two weeks as punishment for her “lack of judgment” the day she had rebelled against her.

“Shit!” Bella hissed as she stubbed her toe while hurrying out of her bedroom, and hopped across the hallway and into the bathroom.

She quickly stripped out of her pyjamas and didn’t even wait for the water to completely warm up before jumping under the spray, squealing when the cold water hit her warm skin. While shampooing her hair, she did mental calculations: ten minutes to shower, five to get dressed, forty minutes for one load of laundry to finish. Renee would be home at eleven, there had to be four loads of laundry from the guests and two from the three of them.

Damn, she was not gonna make it.

A knock on the door had Bella yelping in fright. She shook her head at her silliness and called out that she would be just a few more minutes.

“Bells? It’s Caleb,” she heard her brother’s muffled voice.

“CALEB! Thank God! Can you put the first load in the washing machine for me, please?” she yelled in a hurried and panicked voice. “Renee is going to kill me! Why did you let me sleep in?”

“Umm… well you see… I sort of already did the first three loads,” Caleb ...

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...she had with Edward...

Bella shook her head, dispelling that last thought, and quickly tapped out a reply.

Meet ya’ at 3pm. Coffee Place.

She hit send and then sat down on her bed to put on a pair of brown ankle boots. She grabbed her red bellhop hoodie along with her purse, keys and phone, and left her room to find Caleb.

As Bella walked down the stairs, Alistair walked in through the front door wearing the same clothes he’d worn yesterday. Bella shook her head, knowing exactly where he had spent the night. For the last couple of weeks Alistair and Eric had been partying so much that even Ben was starting to get worried, but he really couldn’t say much. They all knew both Eric and Alistair were just trying to make the most of their time together while they could, especially since Alistair couldn’t transfer to a school in New York without losing his scholarship.
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