Bell Hooks' A Revolution of Values: The Promise of Multicultural Change

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Bell Hooks' "A Revolution of Values: The Promise of Multicultural Change" “Be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewal of your minds.” Romans 12:2. Bell Hooks quotes the bible to explain to her audience that people don’t always have to follow societies perceived notions concerning racism; instead they should think for themselves and construct their own opinions about what is right. Bell Hooks’ essay, “A Revolution of Values: The Promise of Multicultural Change,” speaks about the integrated public school system and it’s effect on society of the later 1950’s and 1960’s. Generally speaking towards African Americans and whites alike, the author apprehensively talks about how she plans on attending her first ever high school reunion. She recounts the friendship that she and a white male had formed during her high school years and how it was deemed unacceptable at the time because she was an African American female. Bell Hooks goes on to in her essay to remember her feelings as an African American in a society that she thought needed a social change to end all racism. She wanted society to move from a segregated culture to cultural diversification. Bell Hooks’ essay is successful because of her strong use of many different sources of expert support, as well as her influential uses of both pathos and ethos to maintain her argument to end racism. During the time period this essay was written, Dr. Martin Luther King was the one of the most recognizable and influential advocates for civil rights and racial justice. He still holds this title today for many. In Bell Hooks’ essay, she uses King’s works to further prove not only her own belief on ending racism, but Dr. King’s same view as well. Hooks says q... ... middle of paper ... ...She uses examples from not only her own life experiences, but from other’s as well. In doing so, she creates an emotional connection between herself and the reader, making it easier for the reader to understand the author’s purpose and argument. Hooks’ use of ethos shows her universal interest in the common good of humanity. By using this method, the audience is more susceptible to understanding her argument. If the reader feels the author is concerned for their well being, it is more likely that the reader will again, agree with the author’s argument. The techniques Hooks’ has used portray her argument and essay as successful. The audience is able to relate and understand the purpose more easily. The entire essay has a positive tone about changing the world to better it, all the while having a strong negative tone denouncing any need for discrimination and racism.

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