Believing in Evolution

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Believing in Evolution

"Darwin did two things; He showed that evolution was a fact


literal interpretations of Scriptural legends of creation and that its


natural selection, was automatic with no room for Divine Guidance or

Design." (Britannica Encyclopaedia)

The traditional Christian view of the creation of the world is that

God created everything after much thought, planning and design in just

six days, these beliefs are based on the narrative written in the

first book of the old testament, Genesis, the design and purpose of

humans within God's creation brings a sense of personal meaning and

value into the lives of Christians. However, supporters of the theory

of evolution have challenged their beliefs by natural selection,

proposed by Charles Darwin. Darwin's theory demonstrates that humans

are not sacred, unique or made in Gods image, I shall discuss how

exactly Darwin challenged traditional Christian beliefs and I shall

further assess how Christians have responded to the challenge that is

Darwin's theory.

In 1859, Charles Darwin published "The Origin of Species". It was in

this book which he set out a theory of natural selection, a process of

which the design of every living thing could be derived, however, the

belief that the origin of the species has in fact occurred through

billions of years of evolving, and not through a special act of

creation by God shown in Genesis had been around for many years before

Darwin's publications, and much of his work shows influence from

others. Such people who influenced Darwin's work are Sir Charles Lyell

whose scientific work suggested that the struc...

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...ife and

are much older than Darwin's Theory, they most certainly had to reject

it. However there are indeed groups of Christians who did accept the

theory and began to hold an atheist view towards creation, or there

are those who weighed up the evidence and accepted both Darwin's

theory and the Christian creation texts as long as the bible is not

understood exactly as it is written. With such an advance and

scientific view of creation it is no astonishment that Darwin was

challenged, making certain people's beliefs stronger, or people

accepted Darwin making their beliefs weaken, but human nature being

what it is, means if a large group of people holding strong beliefs

are faced with contradicting information they will split into groups

of what they choose to believe and this will continue to happen

throughout time.

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