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I realize that in life, my main goal is to be a person who I will be proud of. My continued perseverance and hard work shows that achieving my goals are much harder than it looks. At the beginning of high school, my main goal was to survive the ordeal and hardships and get into my dream college. As high school nears its end, my priorities have dramatically changed and so have my goals. As a long term goal I want to create a nonprofit organization for children in India, but in order to do that I first have to achieve my short term goal of getting into my desired major and job. As I fearfully write my college applications, my short-term goal is to receive admission into my desired major: Biomedical Engineering. Throughout my high school career, I did not know what I desired to do in life. Through intensive research and conferences about different occupations, I found my dream job. Yet, in the end, this dream job has led me to become anxious. I am constantly worried if I will get into Biomedical Engineering and if I do, whether or not it will be at my dream college, Georgia Tech. U.S News & Report ranked Georgia Tech’s Biomedical program as number in the nation. As a result, I am firmly focused on the work I have to do in order to make my dream a reality. My interest in Biomedical Engineering transpired from my interest in robotics. I was so drawn into the subject that I went out to the library to find books about it and watched countless documentaries about the advancing technology. I dream of creating advancemedical devices and prosthetic legs and biomedical engineering allows me to do this by combining my love for medicine and technology. My goals are in a series of steps. In order to make sure that I accomplish m... ... middle of paper ... ...times looked down upon due to cultural customs. I also want to use engineering as a way to teach the girls in India that they can be whoever they desire, and that gender has no importance. By giving the woman in India more decisions, I believe that I can help lessen the gender gap and create more equality Although these goals are hard to achieve and some may call them “over ambitious,” I believe that if I put my mind to it, it can be done. While my goals short and long-term are very ambitious, I believe that if I work hard and persevere, I can achieve them. All of the goals I make, have a great amount of significance and personal meaning behind them. The current short term goals paves the path for my future ones. The goals that I place for myself serve as a reminder that I have to work hard day and night in order to make them a reality and give my life a purpose.

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