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Stress and hard work are the main ingredients in the flux of emotions of a teenager’s life. Sometimes, a tiny bit of sunlight escapes the cracks and suddenly the teenager excels at something. Science and AP Literature have made my life easier. These subjects have not only helped me, but also allowed me to change the lives of my family and classmates. Whether it is the miniscule cells of AP Biology, or the mind numbing interpretation of poetry in AP Literature, English and science are the two main subjects that I can rely on to excel. My persistence and endless interest in these subjects have encouraged me to not only succeed, but also help others along the way. While many children watch cartoons during their weekends, I watch scientific documentaries. While many children play their video games, I sit at home reading David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens. Ever since I was young, I had a thirst for knowledge. I believe that my intense passion and natural curiosity for literature and science propel me to excel in these subjects. Growing up, I spent countless hours watching various science documentaries. From watching “Bill Nye “The Science Guy,”-to going to the library in third grade to research on the cell communication, my childhood was filled with science. Growing up, I didn’t have the resources to quench my thirst for these subjects, instead I had to push myself to find other ways to learn. I went to numerous libraries and conferences in order to learn more about the scientific community. My natural curiosity to learn science translated into my success in high school. Currently, I have one of the highest averages in my science classes. The natural curiosity that clung onto me ever since I was young, has led me to view the ne... ... middle of paper ... ...sions have pushed her to do better in her education. She said that she changed her mind about dropping out of high school because of the effort she learned to put in as a result of the time I spent with her. I believe that my personal trait of perseverance and hard work not only propels me to excel in AP Literature and science, but allows me to serve others as well. As a result of my curiosity and hard work, I found my passion. My success in AP Literature has allowed me to discover my love for writing. Similarly, my never-ending curiosity in science has led me to want to become a Biomedical engineer who dreams of using her knowledge for the betterment of the world. Without my persistence and thirst for knowledge, I will never be as successful as I am today in these subjects. My hard work allows me to continue to fight, and my perseverance prevents me from giving up.

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