Being your own Mechanic

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You don’t want to suffer in one of those nasty dire car accidents do you? Well that can partially be avoided simply by knowing how to perform basic maintenance on your vehicle. That’s just astounding in my opinion. You don’t think so? Well I, Jordan Gracy, am going to inform you just how you can possibly save your life, extend the life of your car, as well as increase- your performance.
Although working on a car seems like a man’s job to get all down and dirty in that grotty grease, 34 percent of American women find interest and creativity in maintaining their own vehicles. Everyone that is physically capable of working on their car should do it mainly due to the cost factor. People will spend 20 bucks to have their car checked out before actually having it fixed because of a check engine light not realizing the problem was minor like a wire being loose under the hood. It could also be just a simple as your leaving your gas cap unscrewed. Considering this fact, I personally think every individual should know basic car knowledge and be able to perform basic maintenance.
On the other hand, if you’ve got an ancy fancy Beamer Benz or Bentley you’ll have to pay king’s ransom to get that bad boy fixed. For huge name brand cars like those you have to take them to your dealers shop for that make of car to be repaired. On second thought if you have an average car like Ford or Chevy it will still cost you a pretty penny to get fixed. Some repairs may take longer than others and some may be a huge hassle. In the end you are greatly honored of yourself for completing such a task. Therefore you should learn and know how to “do it yourself.”
Also, I’d like to explain the importance in general of keeping your car well maintained whether ...

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...hanic in the majority of shops today. The new title for auto mechanic shows how far technology and the expertise for car repairs have come. It used to be where there’s a teenager with a wrench in the driveway working on his car. Now days, most Auto Mechanics or Technicians go to school in order to learn how to repair today’s complicated cars. Now all newer cars have computers and many other electrical parts making it almost impossible to replace and modify these parts. The main purpose of these computers is to modify little tuned intake numbers maintain the engine and other technical parts that will modify how the car runs allowing a longer life for your vehicle, and even better gas, and other useful items. The problem with these computers is that whenever parts and pieces are replaced or fixed it will cause the computer to go wrong and won’t function correctly.
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