Being a Trash-Man

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Every day it grows, every minute more is produced, overtime this could cause problems if certain people do not do their jobs. This subject is trash, it grows every day, every minute more is produced, and if trash-men do not pick up the trash that is produced and clean it up then it could cause some problems. Who wants to be a trash-man? Who wants to be the one to pick the trash up, that others produce? Ladies and gentlemen, we are running out of trash service workers. We need more workers in the field of sanitation services because they keep the world we live in trash free. If most people think that being a trash-man is gross and that if you are trash-man you are lower class, or considered the uneducated because you are simply a trash-man. So in the paper I could let people know a little more about what a trash-man does then they might think about doing it or change their mind about it being gross. The most common miss conceptions of being a trash-man is the procedure of picking the trash up. People believe that if you’re a trash-man then you are picking up trash with your h...
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