Being a Teacher

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Being a Teacher Is your life important to you? That is a statement anyone would replay, “yes” to. As surprising as it may seem, though, an important, successful life would not even be, without one essential element: teachers. Teachers, educators, instructors, mentors, or baby-sitters, whatever they may be classified as, they are necessary for many reasons. They are foundation or our American society, they are a source of security, and possibly the parents some never had. They are the foundation of our American society, meaning they educate everyone. Attending school, whether it is public, private, or home taught is mandatory in America at a certain age. Therefore, all the basics of life are experienced at school. That is a big responsibility for a teacher. So, would we have physicians, law enforcement officials, businesses, and all the other daily occupations without teachers? No, teachers educate all members of society. Teachers are to some children, a source of security or rescue. When they feel no one else listens or cares, or when another child insults or laughs at him or her, a teacher is one they can confide in. Parent, in meaning, is more than giving birth to a child, feeding, bathing, and putting the child to bed. A parent is to give a child morals, beliefs, psychological and emotional needs, as well as the physical needs like feeding and bathing—but not all parents do. That is w...

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