Being a Good Leader

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Leadership is a term on which no one can develop a mutual consensus as it carries a different meaning for ach individual. Some people may consider a person as their leader who is capable of taking them away from hardships, some people may consider the one as their leader who is quite charismatic and can show them dreams of a bright future or some people may consider that man as a leader who can make them progress by devising wise strategies for them etc. There is, somehow, something very common in all the perspectives that are the philosophy behind the definition, which is related to choosing a best of the best person as their leader. Nobody wants to have a person as his leader who doesn’t have knowledge of the needs and aspirations of his people or who is not blessed with a certain temperament foe bearing hardships for the nation etc. But there is something on which all of us would agree that it is a philosophy or an attitude that helps the people in achieving a common goal or destination by having a guide who can give directions to his people. In other words, a leader is a person who is having enough authority to drive others on his commands and directions. It is also be said that leader is the person having its followership because if there is no one who is following a person, the person cannot be granted the status of a leader in spite of all of his leadership qualities (Peter F Drucker; as cited in Mahatma Gandhi, 1982, p.1). Similarly, Warren Bennis has also defined a leadership as quality of knowing one’s own self along with having a vision for the sake of taking the people forward. Interestingly, he doesn’t consider it enough to have a vision but believes in its effective communication to the people to make them convin... ... middle of paper ... House, R. J. "A path-goal theory of leader effectiveness". Administrative Science Quarterly Vol.16: (1971) 321-339 Keshvan Nair. The code of silence. 1996. P. 35. Maury Jim. Thoughts on Leadership, from Warren Bennis. Leader Values. Optimal Solutions International. Web. 27 May 2015. Mosby. Medical Dictionary, 8th edition. 2009. Elsevie Parel, A. J. Gandhi, M.K. Hind swaraj and other writings. 1997. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press Richard Attenborough. Leadership: Mohan Das Karam Chand Gandhi – Father of the Nation. Mahatma Gandhi. p.1. 1982. Web. February 07, 2011 from Weber, M. ‘The Theory of Social and Economic Organization’. 1947. Glencoe: TheFree Press and the Falcon's Bring Press.
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