Being Warm And Affectionate Mate

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Although I can be reluctant at first I consider myself to be outgoing and affectionate, however I can be guarded at times due to my past experiences. I prefer my spouse to be perspective and practical over being warm and affectionate because I believe a practical perspective mate can learn to be warm and affectionate. I love having a warm and affectionate mate, however they need to be balanced and also be able to be responsible, reasonable, and practical as needed, however my mate needs to know when to hold my hand or give me a hug as needed. I believe that having a balanced relationship with clear communication lines are key to any successful relationship. In the past I have noticed that relationships with friends, family & mates were the most successful when clear communication pathways were involved.

I believe that child rearing is a very important part of life and it’s a huge responsibility. Sometimes as parents, we forget that we 're not just raising our children, but we are cultivating our future. As a mother of four child rearing has its ups and downs, however I love every minute of it. Although I have recently remarried after divorcing my ex-husband I 'm still a single mother and child rearing has been difficult at times, however due to experiencing being the second eldest of nine it has made my experience much easier. I do believe I am a good mother; however I have room for improvement. Every day I learn something new and I am willing to continue to learn how to be a better mother. Being that I am currently conceived with child and my youngest is eight years old I am looking forward to being a better mother due to having more previous experience.
After carefully analyzing my parent’s marital relationship I would categor...

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...en I busted my chin and my father came home from a twelve hour shift and he still had to take me to the ER for stitches so that my mom didn’t have to drag my siblings and I to the hospital. At the age of five I was in kindergarten and that was the year I also contracted chicken pox. In kindergarten I remember being my teachers little helper. Ms. Barry was one of my favorite teachers I remember taking the city-wide test for the first time. I scored one the highest in my elementary school and was honored at Temple University by Constance Clayton with an academic achievement award. I remember we lived in a two bedroom apartment up until I was nine years old then we moved to our house in West Philly. My mom had a new baby up until I was seven years old, furthermore as a child we didn’t celebrate Halloween which happens to be my mom’s birthday because we believed it’s a
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