Being Underemployed Or Unemployed?

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Everyday someone somewhere is looking for a job. They are considered as being underemployed or unemployed. Underemployed is where an individual works part-time but want full-time hours to make full use of their skills and abilities. Unemployed are citizens looking for active work but cannot find a job. In this particular case graduating from high school, I went from being an active student to unemployed. I was seeking work but could not find the right job to fit my qualifications and skills. Graduating from high school and being OPOTA certified allowed me to have some advantage over my peers when seeking a job. OPOTA stands from OHIO PEACE OFFICER TRAINING ACADEMY allowing me at the age of 18 years to be a Private Security Guard for the state of Ohio. So instead of having a typical job while in high school or after high school such as working at Burger King, Dollar General, or Dave’s Supermarket. I wanted a different job where I was gaining experience in the field I planned on working in. I decided to seek work as being a security officer. I started my search looking for security jobs in the state of Ohio. It was important for me to know how to search effectively for this particular job. So I did a Google search, “security officer jobs Cleveland,” and a lot of information came up. But reading the qualifications I did not fit the majority of the criteria because I was not 21 years old and did not have at least one year of experience. From this point I thought to myself maybe a typical job is made for me because trying to get a job with no work experience will not help out in the long run. In between time before I held my first security guard job, I did work study. My work study job was held in the library of Cleveland State Unive... ... middle of paper ... ...t to get one another was strike three for me. I knew from that point on my time was almost up. Working at Ohio Means Jobs was the best experience I ever could have received. Working in an office setting and working with different individuals daily allowed me to challenge my skills. The decision of me leaving Ohio Means Jobs was very hard for me because this probably would be the easiest job I ever had dispute the crap I witnessed. Personally Ohio Means Jobs has been my second home but in a profession aspect that paid well at the age of 18-19. I have considered a lot of alternatives and realized that I am young with a lot more opportunities ahead of me. Therefore my abilities and capabilities will allow me to find my dream job where my co-workers will lead by example and give me many reasons to love what I do every day. Good luck to those working at Ohio Means Jobs!
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