Being Raised With Certain Values And Beliefs

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Being raised with certain values and beliefs allows everyone to have different strengths and weaknesses. Based on comfort levels of individual counselors, certain skills to come easier to some as opposed to others. Reflection of content and reflection of feelings are two skills that come easiest to me. When practicing these skills, and learning about them during the semester, I came to realize that I use them to some extent daily. Being a kindergarten teacher I found these to be two skills that go hand in hand with my current career. Every day I use these skills like a counselor would to better understand my students and their thoughts and feelings. Understanding my students correctly, allows us to build a stronger relationship throughout the school year. Reflection of content allows me to restate what I previously heard. It allows me to make sure that I have the correct understanding and often get more clarity into the story. “Clients experience being listened to, and may clarify their thinking as they explain their situations to their practitioners.” (Chang, Scott, & Decker, 2013, p. 140). As a teacher, my students are like my clients. I often must interpret what my students are saying whether it be a story or a current situation. Just like a counselor reflection of content is important. In both circumstances, we are looking to make sure we understand the situation as the client is telling us. As a teacher, I use reflection of content to make sure that the child is telling me exactly what happened. Sometimes there is a lot of extra that students at that age add when they are speaking, this helps me make sure I am focusing on the most important points. Reflection of feeling is another important skill that I feel I use re... ... middle of paper ... ...hoever is speaking to you, can reinforce to them that you are listening to what they are saying. Focusing on one person when I am in my classroom may be hard because there is always something that is going on. What I can try to do is make sure I make more eye contact with my students when they are talking to me and break the contact less then I have done in the past. My family members are always all talking at the same time. I can work on the eye contact by trying to focus on the person who started talking first. There are a lot of opportunities I have during the day that I can work on the skill I find most challenging. I can work on eye contact both at home and when I am with my students. I can also work on my facial expressions when people are talking to me. Making people feel like I am listening to what they are saying is important to matter who I am talking too.

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