Being Prepared While Traveling

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During the late 1700’s and on through the mid 1800’s, many people traveled west to help populate the new territories and states that were open for development. The journey that these many people took along the trail known as the Oregon Trail was a long and treacherous one. Traveling from Independence Missouri to the end of the Oregon Trail in Oregon was over 2000 miles and over many different mountain passes making it a long and dangerous journey. Through the many hardships the Oregon Trail travelers had to overcome proved that preparedness was extremely important then, and with today’s travelers. Food and water are a necessity because we depend on them for our survival. For the Oregon Trail travelers it was next to impossible to supply their whole family with six months of food and water due to the amount of room in the wagon. Storage in the wagon was limited because it was also used to carry other supplies like clothing and the necessary tools needed for wagon repairs and to gather food. Many of these travelers went in large groups of families and hired people or guides to help them with hunting and replenishing their water supplies, by knowing where fresh water was obtainable. One of these examples of someone helping travelers along the Oregon Trail that the Bureau of Land Management’s Oregon Trail Interpretive Center talks about is Medroem Crawford, who helped wagon train parties cross the Oregon Trail in the mid 1800’s (The Oregon Escort). Today this is also an important necessity when going on a long trip even though we can travel much faster over longer distances because we can still become stranded along the road. Water preparedness is also important even if we are traveling a short distance. I say this in rega... ... middle of paper ... ...ypothermia from the cold because things to help ward off the cold were not packed. Even though we have many more conveniences and products that make travel of today easier it is still important to be prepared when going on a trip. Examples from history including the ones from pioneers traveling the Oregon Trail and even our own experiences should prove the necessity of being prepared when traveling. Travel may be easier and faster but the conditions in the weather and terrain is just as severe as in the past and can be as dangerous today. So the past examples of others are as important in modern times as they were then. Works Cited "Winter Driving Tips." OREGON .gov. Oregon Department of Transportation, 22 Mar. 2010. Web. 1 May 2010. "History bits/The Oregon Escort." US Department of The Interior Bureau of Land Management., n.d. Web. 1 May 2010.

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