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During the Middle Ages adults who were obese in society were seen as having high status in the community. People who were hefty in those day were considered wealthy and healthy. They had the power and money to buy any goods most people who were poor desired and needed. Wealth affected the wealthy to consume excesses amount of food and that indicated them to be healthy than the rest of the people who were low income or did not have any money. Being obsess was the sign of wealth and health, however, throughout the years the label has changed into a negative form.
However being obese is labeled to a person who is severely overweight. There is no more indication of a person being wealthy or healthy anymore in this point of time. Becoming fit
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In other words, it is the person’s choice to eat healthy and exercise regularly or to eat consume food excessively and put off the fitness aspect. He addresses that when a person eats more calories than burning it, that person is more likely to gain weight easily. This brings the possibility of increasing the chance of becoming obsess. Hensrud describes that the main issue that many people nowadays are eating high calorie foods and the lack of exercising. He bring the point that people are eating “supersized” food and that 60% of most American do not exercise, which is causing people to become overweight. Even though eating and physical activity can be a factor of obesity, body imbalances are also a factor. He explains that thyroid disorder and metabolic rates can be a cause of obesity, however, it is a minor…show more content…
It is hard to truly pin point the true leading cause of why adults are becoming obsess. There are many factors that causes obesity in adults, for instance depression. Depression is a chemical reaction that defuses neurologically in the brain and the effect of depression can cause a person to excessively consume food. This might not happen to every person when depression hits, however, it is a factor of becoming overweight. The main issue that is raising that causes obesity is the sedentary life style that people are choosing throughout the Unites State. Modern life is so different compared to the 1970s and the decades below. Sedentary life style in modern life consisting of the minimal physical activity, consumption of high calorie foods, and the abuse of

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