Being In Control Of Identity In No Exit By Jean-Paul Sartre

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Being in control of our own identity and figuring out who we are is a question that everyone at some point will ask himself or herself. The questions “how much are we in control of our own identities” and “how much should we control our own identities” might be impossible to completely answer, but to some people, can be interpreted in different ways. Being in control of our own identities also help us to live an exemplary and meaningful life. The readings “No Exit”, “The Absurd” and the film Lars and the Real Girl will help analyze and establish the problems of creating identity and how much do we control our identities. The play No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre is about three people trapped in hell together who come to conclusion that they were…show more content…
What we do in life and how we control our identities will bring us to how we spend our life and how and where we spend our time in the afterlife. No Exit is a great example of this. Will we be forced to live in hell, like Garcin, Inez and Estelle and spend eternity with individuals who drive us crazy, or will we be sent to heaven and live a peaceful life after death? The things we do in life and how we treat others is a form a being in control of our own identities. It shows who we are as a person and who we wish to be. I don’t think any one person can have complete control of their identity, but expressing good faith and kindness will give you enough control of your own identity to live a happy and blissful life, before and after death. This then makes you wonder about the people who don’t believe in an afterlife and why would they care about controlling their identities. There are individuals out there who have the idea that nothing we do now will matter in the future. People wonder why we try to accomplish and pursue things in life if it doesn’t help or benefit our life in any way. The Absurd by Thomas Nagel considers that life is absurd and what we are doing in the present won’t have anything to do with our future. Nagel
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