Being Different

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A few years ago I noticed I had something unusual which made me dissimilar to most people, in fact everybody. At this time it was depressing with everybody looking at you just staring, no considerations for your feelings. What got up my back was small minded people laughing at me or pointing at me as if I was an outcast of society. In the past I kept myself isolated because it was my breathing space and in that environment the world for me was less complicated than reality. I constantly wondered if people were scrutinising my appearance. Why do people judge this book by its cover? There is only one difference but ... What gives them the right to look at me and act like I'm something they pick off the back of their shoe? Back then I was vulnerable and had low self esteem. In addition I was mentally exhausted. I wanted to escape from the cruel reality of the world. I tried to achieve this by listening to music in my bedroom or having a stroll in the woodland - where I could for a short while blank out the hate. Furthermore, the thought of moving from primary to secondary was very daunting. The first couple of weeks I followed my old class mates like they were the piped piper to try and blend in. Soon they found new friends so I spent most of my time alone in the library. I was very lonely and had a feeling of depression. What was most insulting is not through what people did. In illustrate some people would stare and give you the look of disgust. Others would whisper (loud enough so you would hear), laugh and point. This built up so much anger and frustration through people’s ignorance and is so unbelievable such a little thing could fuel such immature minds. What is more astonishing is that it is mainly adults that smirk an... ... middle of paper ... ... I find now I am beginning to mix with different people. I have been overcoming my struggle that had bothered me for so long. I do try to remain strong even if I feel like crying even though I know that my difference is no big deal at all. I am more willing to try new challenges to help improve and develop skills for the future. Without question, I would like to become more self-confident; and finally overcome my fear of people talking behind my back. I want to get involved in new opportunities and gain more skills from doing so. I want to relax and realise that I do not need to listen to anyone trying to put me down. I will hopefully find a way to take life by the horns and do it my way. I am optimistic I will make new friends along the way. Hi I’m. When people get to know me I am just like everybody else. I enjoy watching TV, music, reading and science. I have.
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