Being A Vet: A Career As A Veterinarian

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The topic that I have chosen as my career is a veterinarian I have chosen this career because it’s something I have always wanted to be ever since I was a little girl. Also another reason is you can work with animals and nourish them back to health and you get to care for them every day. There's a lot of history behind my career it helps educate me in the medicine field and in the veterinary field and helps me prepare for the future you can travel the world and explore many new things. Being a vet means you have to be able to work with animals. This is why I chose being a vet as my future career. Also veterinarians work to improve the health of household pets, as well as animals in laboratories, on farms and in zoos. They're skilled at treating and diagnosing dysfunctions and diseases in such animals, which may include using preventative measures, surgery and sophisticated technology. They also spend a great deal of their time interacting with the animals, and pet owners, offering advice on feeding, grooming and breeding. Also because there’s a lot of history behind this career and history is and always will be my favorite subject. I have always wanted to this career because when my sisters and brothers were little this is all that they've wanted to do and my ant is a vet.

The definition of the vet career is a person who is authorized to take care of animals and to give medical treatment to animals.

Here is some history on the career the career of being a veterinarian began on May 15th, 1862 when the U.S. department of agriculture was created. The ancient Chinese employed the elaborate recipes to create medicine that they used to heal sick animals and even humans. The earliest documentation of this information is from 250...

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...m down. The only reason I have chosen this career was because I love working and teaching animals how to do new things in life there are many life obstacles if you can get on the right path you will accomplish something you have never done before. There are many things you can achieve but the most important one is the career path that you choose. Life is about who you are and what you want to do or be when you grow up. There many reason why you can choose a vet as your career you just need to make sure that this is the career for you. After doing my research I am definitely going to pursue my career as a veterinarian and in the medical field. Here’s a short recap of this job description vets are doctors of animals, highly competitive to get in, you have to take a 4 year education program, you must be licensed in order to practice, (12% employment growth by 2022).
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