Being A Teacher Is A Responsible Work For The Future

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1) Nouns To be teacher was always interesting for me. For last few years I knew that I will be a teacher in future. A teacher for me is a person that opens world for student. They teach new and interesting thing their students. A teacher is an example for students. He or she opens new doors for students in this big world. Also, teacher meets a lot of different people every year. In conclusion, I want to say that being a teacher is a responsible work for everyone.

2) Articles Titanic was the biggest ship that had sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean. Titanic was British passenger liner that was going to US. This ship became a big disaster in history. This ship was a huge hope for good future for people. People would be able to travel more
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For this career you need to love children. Most of people think that working with kids is a hard work, but I think, if you love them it is easy. Next, you need to be calm person. Not all people can be calm when few kids start to cry. Some people can scream on kids, and that is bad. Also, you need to know how to talk with kids. Most of people think it is easy, but it isn’t. Kids live in their world and you need to understand that they are kids, not adults. You need to know PSA to safe the kid, when he or she doesn’t breathe. Finally, you need to be friendly to all parent and kids that you are working with.

7) Prepositions Few weeks ago I went to a trip to Canada. When I came to Edmonton, my uncle came to pick me up from the airport. I landed and went out of the airplane quickly, because I wanted to see my cousins as soon as possible. When I saw my uncle I was happy and we went to the car. While we were driving to their house, we went up the hill. Then we went towards a huge store, and over a bridge. Next, we went past the school and few small houses. Finally, we came to their house, and I went into their beautiful house.
8) Prepositions About, After, For, Inside, Than, With, Until,

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