Being A Single Mother Essay

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On a cold windy day my mother started her journey to America, as she rode a crude, rusty old bus. She thought of how her life and her expecting son would be in The United States. She also thought of her last days in Mexico. My mother last days were very life changing, she just got her first job as a psychologist until something completely out of her plans happened, she found out she pregnant! As soon as she found out her face lit up with joy. She ran to tell her boyfriend that they were going to be parents. As soon as he found out he seemed interested in the child, but then one week later my mother received a phone call where he told her that he didn 't want anything to do with baby. He even dared to ask her to get an abortion. Thats when my mother 's joy collapsed. All of this was so unexpected she never thought she was going to end up being a single mother. She became so depressed, ashamed and scared of confronting a traditonal Mexican society where…show more content…
You have to be a mother and father at same time, and have feelings of guilt for not giving your son a father or just a normal family. You have to make decisions by yourself and you don’t know if you’re doing parenting right . Every day that my mother would see her neighbors being complete family she would feel incomplete and out of value. Every time she would have to go to a teacher conference, school sporting event it was just her. She would see how other family’s had two parent’s supporting each other she didn’t have any one support her. This caused her to develop a low self-esteem and made her avoiding have close friendships because of the fear of being asked where is asked where the father. She never got married and she felt rejected. My mother felt many of her feas and sadness would transfer to us. My mother believed strongly in this that my mother never cried in front of us, no matter how difficult or hard the obstacle was. She always faced it with a straight
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