Being A Rainbow Nation Child In South Africa

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Rainbow Nation Child
The poster child for diversity is South Africa, a country with eleven official languages and a mixture of skin tones, religions, beliefs, and ethnicities. South Africa has advanced from periods of hardship, adversity, and misfortune to become the Rainbow Nation it is known as today. South Africa is a country that embraces diversity, breaking boundaries that have separated people through the generations. I am a product of South Africa; I am a Rainbow Nation child.
Growing up in a multi-cultural nation, I occasionally experienced opposition from my own peers. One of my most profound moments occurred in my first year of school. There were very few people of color, but all I wanted was to be accepted by my classmates. As the
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Everyone was fascinated with her. She always brought traditional Philippine food and shared it with the class. Although a few students conveyed a negative attitude towards her food, she continued to proudly promote her culture and customs. Never once did she ebb away from who she truly was. We were both racially unique, yet everyone acknowledged her for who she was. I suddenly realized that the only reason nobody welcomed me into their cohort was because I distanced myself from my identity rather than share my heritage with the rest of the class. As a result of this, I decided to embrace my diversity and the beauty of my distinctive characteristics. As a South African Indian mixed with European descent, I am proud of my own ethnicity and I have actively influenced others to embody their own differences throughout my school life and into my university…show more content…
Subsequently, her father approached me and apologized profusely. He handed me his business card and enlightened me about the “Teach English in Korea” program. At first I was uninterested since I could not even point out South Korea on a map, which made me realize that I lacked knowledge about the rest of the world. I decided that this could be a great opportunity to educate myself about other countries, societies and even cultures. I knew that traveling would change my perception of the world, or so I was told, but I had no idea of how substantially it would change my life. Living and teaching in Korea, I gained an outsider’s perspective while integrating into a new culture, helping me reflect upon my own experiences of integration in South Africa. However, I did not just want to be a foreigner looking from the outside. I wanted to apply myself into their

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