Being A Nurse Practitioner

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Being a nurse practitioner is a good career. A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse with an added education of two years, which gives them added advantage like those of a doctor. A nurse practitioner is different in his/her own way. He/she works along with other health professionals like doctors, pharmacists, and therapists. A nurse practitioner has mandates to treat the sick, prescribe drugs, and order for laboratory tests (Iglehart, 2013). The reason nurse practitioner is attractive is because I have always wanted to help people and the job is more challenging giving me the potential to grow. In this paper, I will discuss the duties of a nurse practitioner, the skills and education needed, pay range and the lifestyle. There are many…show more content…
Sacrificing to help others is a calling. It is enjoyable and makes one improve their skills because it is a rotational job. For instance, if you are working on the pediatric section today, then tomorrow can be on the emergency side. It is all about being passionate about being a nurse practitioner. Additionally, through the research that one does, one is able to grow. Financially, there is also growth considering the amount of time spent in school at least with the salary earned it is well compensated. There are positives and negatives in this career. One of the positive is able to change the life of another person through the care you give and touch the life of that person. Secondly, with the schedule given in the health sector, one can earn a living because you can afford to work in more than one shift. Another one is you can practice your nursing in different sections not necessarily one area. The negative thing about working as a nurse practitioner is competition in the market. The market is full of this profession and for one to secure a job you must really work hard in school. Next negativity is residency; this whereby for the students they rely on clinical programs for placements and there is no remuneration and getting the required experience can be difficult. To conclude, being a nurse practitioner requires a Master’s degree. In this profession, it requires a lot of patience and sacrifice. A nurse practitioner is like a doctor because he/she examines the patients, prescribe drugs, and refer patients to other hospitals. Being in this profession has a good lifestyle because they work in shifts and earns a good salary. In addition, a nurse practitioner grows and develops his/her skills due to practicing in different

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