Being A Nurse Essay

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In many ways being a nurse is hard. You are always surrounded by death. You always have to see someone suffers. "It’s heart breaking every time you see your patients get to a helpless state where they feel like they can 't come out of it". If only you can ease their pain but there are things you just can 't say or do. Is inevitable for nurses to become attach to patients. They spend a great deal of time, caring for the same patients, that ultimately they form a friendship they will cherish for eternity. This bond makes it particularly difficult to see when their patients do not overcome the fight to stay alive. Nurses grieve their patients the same way a family member does. In the neonatal intensive care unit is particular painful to watch…show more content…
When people are sick, it is helpful to have a positive environment for faster and better recuperation. Working as a nurse you do not get holidays off because hospitals need to be staff to keep lives alive. Not getting holidays off is particular difficult for people with children because holidays symbolize time that everyone wants and deserves to spend with their loved ones. But patients need nurses to care for them at all times. Nurses deal with many different difficulties but is a satisfactory feeling to see their patients leave the hospital well. Also last, but not least, any staff management problems can become a tedious issue for nurses, because no matter the problems that are happening, nurses must always keep a positive attitude towards their job to ensure the safety of their patients. Being in charge of what happens to someone lives, means you must be focus at all times. Any type of distractions can be disastrous. Nurses are constantly coming in contact with very ill people, some whom may carry very infectious diseases, which means nurses have to be aware of sign and symptoms to treat the patient immediately. Sometimes nurses have to deal with an unpleasant family member who thinks is acceptable to be disrespectful, simply because they can’t get the results they
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