Being A Black-American Essay

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632 words

In today’s society, many people deal with the stereotypes media has placed upon a certain group of individuals as a whole, regardless of the person themselves. These particular groups of people are judged based on those stereotypes we see all the time. Until we have experienced those labels for ourselves, our emotions toward these stereotypes are just a mere fable of sympathy. We as people view things based on our own experiences, upbringing or even our backgrounds, but when the perspective of stereotypical stories is told from us, we tend to see things in a totally different way. As a Black-American, I have always heard stories of my race and other races being mistreated or misunderstood based on who they appear to be but not who …show more content…

I was having a perfectly good day at school, I had made an “A” on my essay and then I found out this store was giving out free slurpees. I mean could this day get any better? At least I thought I would. I went to the store with my purse on my shoulder, which doubled as a book-bag, and proceeded to walk to the back of the store where all the snacks were. My intention was to buy my favorite chips and get a Slurpee for free but unfortunately, I could not. While browsing the store, searching for my kind of chips, I heard a voice say, “Is everything alright? Do you need my help?” Firstly, I did not pay any attention to who she was referring to until I realized she had followed me onto the next aisle. I then asked, “Am I doing something wrong because it seems that you are following me”? To my surprise she was. She told me that it is her job to watch anyone who came into the store with a bag. When I saw another lady with a briefcase purse walk right passed me and her without a hassle, I was in a total shock! I had never heard of such a rule and to be the only person to be observed and approached, on an instant, my mind went racing back to those stories I was once told as a child. I not only felt hurt but also as if I was not worthy enough to be a valid

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how people deal with the stereotypes media has placed upon a certain group of individuals, regardless of the person themselves.
  • Opines that as a black-american, they have always heard stories of their race being mistreated or misunderstood based on who they appear to be. they recall their mom's story of "goldilocks and the three bears".
  • Opines that as the years passed and more stories developed to true characters, they began to slowly but surely lose interest. the idea of the same story with different characters seemed all too familiar.
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