Behind the Internet Addiction

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In Lewin's essay, “Study Finds Teenagers' Internet Socializing Isn't Such a Bad Thing”

demonstrates the support that the writer states towards the amount of time teens spend on the Internet.

The essay caught my attention because it’s incredible to read about something clearly bizarre coming

from a person that is not well informed about what the teens do exactly while on the Internet and what can be interpreted from the extra attention and usage of the Internet. Lewin states that the usage of Internet by teens does benefit them but, it is very rare that a person can make this kind of judgments based on so little proof. The essay she wrote is very contradictory to what she wants to get across

Parents need to be aware of all the changes in how their children behave around a media device,

if it makes your child feel that is essential to have all the time and which is not longer seen as a

commodity. The invasion of the Internet to the minds of the youth is and always will be controversial

because it is hard to prove wrong and also hard to prove right, that, the Internet benefits the people who

use, and who sometimes over use it. The problems that arise with this phenomenon are the faulty

amount of concentration that they have to experience everywhere they go explained by Lăzărescu “... teenagers find it very hard, even impossible to attentively concentrate for a longer time....” The changes that have occurred since the Internet became so popular have altered the lives of many teens and adults due to the fact that they feel like they cannot stop using it or even live without it, exposed in the following way in the essay “It’s not an obsession; it’s a necessity.”(Lewin 3) The teens that use too much of the technology are le...

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... will help them succeed in everyday problems.

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