Behind The Yellow Wallpaper Analysis

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Behind “The Yellow Wallpaper” During the era of the Yellow Wallpaper written by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, women were grossly misdiagnosed after the birth of their child. Giving birth to a child should be one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life, not a time to be locked away and isolated from the world. Women should cherish this moment, not look back and wish it never happened. However, this was not the case in The Yellow Wallpaper. The narrator of this short story was driven mad by the wallpaper that surrounded her in this room. The yellow wallpaper, with its strange, formless pattern, disturbed her. Throughout this short story the author used a variety of symbols and themes such was the role of women, the role taken after childbirth, the Yellow Wallpaper itself, and the journal. All of these examples give proof that the narrator wanted not to be trapped behind bars, but to be free and live her life. To begin with, the most important theme that comes into play is the role of women during this decade. Men were thought of as the ones to always do the hard labor and make the decisions. Women however, were the ones to raise their children, cook and clean around the house. The narrator’s husband, John, was a doctor who believed that he was helping his wife by preventing her from getting out of bed or even writing in her journal. However by doing the exact opposite and making everything off limits; she could only use her imagination while inside becoming obsessive. She was unable to speak of her thoughts and feelings. This forced her to keep everything inside since she was unable to stand up to her husband. It became too late before anyone realized that this was the wrong method of treatment for women during this time. Secondl... ... middle of paper ... ...r, so you cant put me back’” (Gilman 447). This shows she was just dying to be free and to have interaction of any kind. She was seeking the attention from her husband that wasn’t going to come. In conclusion, John should have taken different actions that were in the best interest of his wife. Not allowing his wife do anything, not even write in a journal, constrained her. She slowly began to lose her mind and not realize what was really happening around her. She became delusional; not even comprehending that she was the one trapped behind bars and it was her who was losing her life. On the other hand, if he had let her keep active and go out of that room, her life would have changed drastically. The narrator wouldn’t have grown the same obsession with the wallpaper as she did before. If only she would have gotten some of the freedom that she desperately needed.